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Transfer data

Some of our users create multiple accounts for one and the same person. Most of the time it makes sense to merge the data into one account. This is quite easy to do with the import/export function. Here we explain how you can merge the accounts.

Important note: Medication entries are not transferred.
Attention: please only merge accounts that contain data of the same person. If accounts of different persons are merged, the data will be irrevocably mixed up. As a result, it is no longer possible to identify which data is assigned to which person and the statistics and average values lose their meaning completely.

1. Export source data
Use the CSV export to export all data from the source account.

2. Import data
Use the CSV import with the target account to import the CSV file.

3. Delete old account
  • Check that all the data in the target account is available as required. To do this, set the period to be displayed so that the imported, possibly older data is visible.
  • Then log on to the source account again.
  • Select "User account" in the menu and then "Edit account".
  • Select "Delete account" and confirm.
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