Restart the app

Sometimes it is necessary to restart the app. A return to your home screen and the reboot are not really a restart. The app is just not displayed for a short time, but continues in the background. In order to really remove it from the memory please proceed as follows.

You can also just simply turn the device off and on again. This will quit all apps.

iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch):


Under Android, there are numerous task managers that allow you to quit the app. There is usually also a standard function, which displays the last used apps and allows them to be terminated. In addition, you will find the option "force stop" under settings/applications.

Windows Phone:

When the app is displayed, press the back button. This will terminate the app. If you press the Windows key, you will also return to the start screen, but the app continues to run in the background.

Windows 8:

With a keyboard, you can simply press Alt+F4. Use your mouse to move to the top of the screen. There you click and drag the app down from the screen. With a touch screen, the analogue works with the fingers. Unfortunately, a little practice is needed.

Firefox OS:

Press the home button until the last apps appear as small screens. A small X in the upper corner serves to close the app.

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