In the BloodPressureDB app, you have the possibility to send a notification about the imminent use of one or more medications.
Likewise, you can also display a reminder of the next measurement of your blood pressure.
The medication notification can be found directly in the medication overview under the menu "Medicines" were they can be activated and deactivated.
When taking the medication in the simple scheme of Morning - Lunch - Evening - Night, the times are 7:00, 12:00, 17:00 and 22:00 p.m.
If several medicines are taken at the same time, they are combined into one reminder.
To recall the next blood pressure measurement, click the Settings tab and scroll to the "reminder for measurements". You can now activate up to three reminders at your desired times or at defined intervals after the last measurement or new input.

If your device does not send any reminders, please check whether the device has the appropriate authorization.

Note: Reminders are not being synchronized between devices. Meaning, if you are using more than one device, you can specify the device on which notifications are issued and on which not.


For Apple devices, the first time you use it, you are asked if the app is allowed to send messages. The setting can be changed again later in the system settings of the unit.


For Settings -> Apps -> BloodPressureDB must show notifications activated.

For Settings -> not to be selected & Notifications -> App-Notifications -> BloodPressureDB can block not to be selected.

In addition, there are battery backups that can suppress messages or cause a delayed display. Some devices have integrated such functions into the system, but there are also many apps for this. We refer here to the direct system functions of some manufacturers.

Settings -> battery pack -> Detail -> BloodPressureDB ->Deactivated for select

Settings -> data security & security -> Protected apps -> BloodPressureDB added

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