My data is not being synchronized

If you are working with several devices and the data is not synchronized between them, please check wether you use the same registration on all devices. Can you see your login directly in the headline or in the settings at the top.
Please note that the synchronization is only possible with registration. Data from a guest user can not be synchronized.

If the login name is correct, please check whether all devices have an online connection. In the app it can also be specified in the settings that no connection is established or only a connection with existing WiFi. If there is no connection, the note "offline" is displayed at the bottom right.

If the application does not have an internet connection when you log in or open the app, the app will work the entire session in offline mode. At the bottom right you will see a small hint.

The app does not ask for new data all the time. These are only synchronized when logging in or when saving a value or changing the settings.  So if you place two devices next to each other and store one on a value, it does not automatically appear on the other device.  If you save the value and then open the app on the other device, the new value is directly visible. In practice, the delay is too small to notice, but it helps to save battery and data transfer.

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