What is a premium membership?

Health is not a product. That's the reason why you can permanently use BloodPressureDB free of charge. Unfortunately the business still costs money. Electricity and internet bills must be paid, programmers, server administrators and support staff want to live on something as well. We do not give data to third parties and show little advertising, so we are dependent on our users.
Are you a user? So you draw a real benefit from BloodPressureDB? Then support us. As a thank you, you will get more advantages with the premium membership.

Your advantages:
With a fermium membership, you will always have your blood pressure under control. The documentation of your blood pressure will become super easy and treatment success is visible immediately. A must for every blood pressure patient and for everyone who wants to provide timely care.

For only 4.17 Euro per month you become a premium member (49.99 Euro per year equates to 4.17 Euro per month; all prices include VAT if applicable).
This is 4.17 euros, which benefit your health. You can not invest money more meaningfully.

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Why not a one time payment?

BloodPressureDB is not software, that was created once and that's it. It's an internet service that requires the provision of an infrastructure (server, software, employees) on an ongoing basis. Especially in the age of smartphones and tablets, a lot of work is necessary, just to keep our app running on the latest operating system versions. We would like to operate the service permanently and find a regular contribution is simply fair.
After completing the premium membership, you will have access to all your stored data.

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