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BloodpressureDB has always been operated with the highest standards of data protection. Data protection is not just a phrase with us. No tracking of our users has been or will be done. No information is requested that is not absolutely necessary for the operation of the service (data minimization). The data is located on our servers in Germany and is never processed or given to third parties unsolicited*.

*If, for example, you send an evaluation to your doctor, the data will be sent to a third party - in this case your doctor - at your explicit request (option available in the premium membership)

Feel free to take a look at our Privacy Policy. We have an understandable short summary, aside from legal texts at the beginning, which explains exactly how we handle which data.

Data security:
In addition to data protection, data security also plays a role, of course. We follow the guidelines of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and conduct regular penetration tests. Add to that the 40 years of experience in IT by our founder.

Too many emails?
You will not receive a flood of emails from us even after registration.

We send very few other emails. If you do not use the account for a long time, we ask if we can do something or we announce the automatic deletion after two years without use. Every now and then we send a special offer, for example.

Still concerned?
We are interested in that. Why don't you write us what concerns still remain? We always want to improve and welcome suggestions:

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