First steps

If you are just logged in or are using the app without login, you will not see any diagrams yet. You will only see your data. Enter those with the button for new input.

new inputBlood pressure data saveTo determine a measurement, simply enter the data. Date and time are already documented with current data, but can be  changed optionally, to add old data. You can either use a screen keyboard   or a “rotary wheel” for your entry.

For the input of data with the rotary wheel, the previous average value is used as a default. This often results in only a few changes.

If you are using a Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth, the data will be automatically transferred.

If desired, a comment can be given and measurement  for the  evaluaation can be ignored. This is the case, for example, with measurements taken directly after strenuous activities.
If you enter only one comment without other data, this is stored as an event.

“BloodOnce a value is stored, the graph is displayed. This is of course only useful when further measurements have been saved.

The time period displayed in the diagram can be freely determined. Under the new input button, you will find information about the total recorded data and then the period that is currently displayed. This data can change.

As a fast access, buttons are ready for the last 7, 30 and 90 days. Just click on the appropriate period.

You can also change the recorded data afterwards. Below the diagram you will find the list of individual data. Click on the line you want to change and the screen for modifications will open.

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