BloodPressureDB Appfor Android and iOS supports blood pressure measuring devices for data transmission when these use the general Bluetooth GATT standard for blood pressure measuring devices.
Attention: Not every blood pressure device with Bluetooth supports this standard. We successfully tested the following models (September 2023):
We do not guarantee compatibility, we do not always know about technical changes by the manufacturers. 
Not compatible are for example: devices from ADE, Omron, Withings/Nokia and also the Beurer BM 95 as well as the Medisana MTX connect.
On top of that, your mobile device must support Bluetooth Smart in both the hardware and the operating system (Android from 4.3, iOS since version 5).

In the app settings, you can enable and disable the Bluetooth feature. Is it active, you can see a Bluetooth symbol on the top right. The app automatically responds to incoming connections. It is not necessary to select the new entry.
As soon as a Bluetooth device is detected, the symbol changes color and connects to the device. After establishing a connection, it is then checked whether the device is compatible to send blood pressure data. If so, the data is interrogated while the screen is locked in the app. The data is synchronized directly after transmission. When the small icon changes color in the upper corner, but no data is received, a different Bluetooth smart device, which is sending data is usually close by.

The measuring devices are transmitting after each measurement or by a special function described in the manual. All data stored in the selected user memory of the device is transferred. With the devices from Beurer and Sanitas, all data from the two user memories are always transferred. The app displays the incoming connection and counts the received data records. This automatically detects whether one new measurement is being transmitted or several. The time from the measuring device applies. Unfortunately, the transfer of all data always takes some time. Beurer sends much faster than Medisana.
A&D UA-651BLE: The device has to be paired with the mobile device before the first transfer. For date and time setup the A&D app has to be used.
boso medicus system: The device has to be paired with the mobile device before the first transfer. For date and time setup the boso app has to be used.
Omron Evolv: The device has to be paired with the mobile device before the first transfer. For date and time setup the Omron app has to be used. Transfered records will be removed.
Omron M400 Intelli IT: The device has to be paired with the mobile device before the first transfer. Each value is transmitted only once with Bluetooth.
Omron M500 Intelli IT: Each value is transmitted only once with Bluetooth. The memorys are shown as 2 and 3 instead of 1 and 2 in the app up to version 6.2.38.
Omron RS7 Intelli IT: The device always sends the data when the Bluetooth function is activated. Therefore, first perform the measurement and then activate the Bluetooth function in the app settings. The device has to be paired using the Omron app before the first transfer.
Omron X4 Smart and X7 Smart: The device has to be paired with the mobile device before the first transfer. Each value is transmitted only once with Bluetooth.
Silvercrest SBM 69: Before the first transmission the device must be paired. The code that the device shows on the display must be specified.

Storage space and users:
If data from different user memory cells is received on the device, the app asks which memory cell should be read. The app remembers this setting.
If the transfer of the data from a memory cell deviating from the previous user memory cell is transferred, but not from the previously used memory cell, the app indicates this. This is to prevent the mixing of data from different users.
The app manages these settings with the respective user since the app can manage several user accounts. However, these settings are not synchronized with the server.
If you want to change the storage location on the device and reassign it in the app, please click on additional information on the last transmission. This allows the settings to be reset.
Note: Internally, the counting of the memory cells starts from 0. So the first memory cell has the number 0. Individual devices may differ from that, like for example the BC57. The app then displays the device memory location 1 as 2 and the memory location 2 as 3. This doesn't influence the correct functioning.

As of version 6.2.5, the option "Read only the most recent measurement independently of the memory" exists. If this option is activated, the app always accepts the latest measurement value in the meter, regardless of the memory location. This option can be useful if a measuring device is used for several persons and a memory location is not clearly assigned to each person. This happens in nursing homes, for example.

Frequent errors and their causes:

Data is being transferred, but not present: Please check the date of the measuring device. Especially at the beginning of a year, many inquiries about missing data are being made, which then turn out to be a wrong year set in the measuring device.

Data transfer doesn’t work: Does the transfer work with the manufacturer's app? If problems occur, but your device meets all requirements (operating system/hardware), please try restarting the device.

Another device is interrupting the connection: If the Bluetooth icon is blue, but no data is transmitted, another Bluetooth device is transmitting. The app connects to the device and then detects that it is not a blood pressure monitor. The device ID is stored internally and no connection is established with this device. Nevertheless, in very rare cases it may happen that another Bluetooth device permanently prevents the connection with the blood pressure monitor.

On Android 6, the location recognition (GPS) must be activated to receive data via Bluetooth.

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