Data Exchange with the Apple Health App

Since version 5.35, BloodPressureDB supports the import and export of blood pressure data to Apple's Health App and thus simplifies the exchange of data between the apps.

To import or export blood pressure data from or to the Apple Health App, please select "Get health data from Health" or "Send data to Health" in the BloodPressureDB App. Before importing or exporting the data, the database is compared and the number of data entries read by Apple Health or written by Apple Health is displayed.

Since several users are supported in the BloodPressureDB App, a constant synchronization with the Apple Health App is not possible. A constant synchronization could lead to the data being mixed up by several users in the Health App, which can lead to dangerous misinterpretations of the blood pressure data, especially when calculating the average value.

Pulse values are only considered together with blood pressure values. That is, only if blood pressure and pulse values are stored at the same time in the Apple Health App, then the value applies and is transferred to the BloodPressureDB App. If individual pulse values without blood pressure are present, they are being ignored, since otherwise data would be present when using a Fitness tracker or Apple Watch. This would result in an immense amount of pules values in the data list; The finding of blood pressure data would be made more difficult.

Blood glucose values, weight data, or parameters can not yet be imported into the BloodPressureDB App from the Apple Health App or exported from the BloodPressureDB to the Apple Health App.

Important: The function requires the right to read data from Health read and write to Health write. This authorization is necessary for the systolic and diastolic pressure, but also for the heart rate (pulse).

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