Record other vital signs

In addition to blood pressure and pulse, other vital signs such as weight, blood glucose, temperature and the import/export of liquid (that is, the amount of liquid consumedor discharged) can also be recorded. These options[NOTE: or “features”] can be activated in “Settings”. The button to go to the settings can be found at the bottom of the diagram/statistics/individual values.

If you are entering data via the rotary wheel, you must count the units with them. Internally, only the value is saved and this is not converted even if you select another unit. The selection of the unit is only used to simplify the input via the rotary wheel. Depending on the unit, there are simply different values which are displayed for selection.

If you are using the website, you can use the "Select" button to enter the vital values after the text "Which data needs to be recorded?" is displayed.

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