FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you using BloodpressureDB with the app or in the web version to keep your blood pressure in view and have a problem? The following, is a selection of frequently asked questions and help to resolve the problem. If you can not find an answer to your question, please contact our support team at info@bloodpressuredb.com.

Questions about the use

  1. That's how it works.

  2. I just signed up. What now?

  3. How to use the spinner wheels?

  4. I can't login even with a new password. Why?

  5. The app doesn't start up anymore. What can I do?

  6. How do I enter events?

  7. How do I enter extra vital signs (weight, sugar ...)?

  8. How do I change or delete data?

  9. My data is not being synchronized. Why?

  10. How can I transfer my data via Bluetooth?

  11. How do Notifications work?

  12. How to use the drugs stock?

  13. Help! All my data is gone. Where is it?

  14. How do I print my data?

  15. I haven't recieved a PDF. What should I do?

  16. Can I im- or export my data?

  17. Data exchange with the Apple Health App.

  18. How do I rate the App?

  19. How do I take a screenshot?

Questions about the user account

  1. Guest or full account?

  2. The confirmation email doesn't arrive. Whats happening?

  3. I forgot my password. What should I do?

  4. How can I save the data of my partner?

  5. How can I delete my account?

  6. How can I transfer the data to another account?

Questions about the premium membership

  1. What is the premium membership?

  2. What is the free premium membership?

  3. How can I order a premium membership?

  4. How can I cancel my premium membership?

  5. Where is my In-App-Purchase premium membership?

Medical questions

  1. I have a medical question.